The Benefit of Breast Milk for the Child
It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “For a child, there is no milk better than the milk of the mother.” The Prophet (S) has also said that there is nothing that can take the place of food and water except milk. Likewise, it is narrated from Imam Ali (as) that for a child, there is no milk that has more blessings than the milk of a mother. aaa
Breastfeeding is not only feeding your child, but is the exchange of love and strengthening of the soul. When the child is feeding, he/she can hear the sound of the mother’s heart and this leads to relaxation and calmness. Breastfed children tend to be healthier and sounder in terms of bodily and spiritual health and psychologists believe that breastfeeding keeps children happy and content and even has an effect on their Akhlaq. aaa
Being breastfed is one of the rights of a child and is also counted as the right of a mother, and has been strongly recommended in the Noble Quran and traditions. Indeed, its benefits are widely accepted in the world today. Of course, it should be kept in mind that breastfeeding is only recommended if it does not pose any risk to mother or child. aaa